How We Operate

We aim to be totally flexible and prefer to work as part of the management or project team rather than consultants under instruction.

By working in this way we learn about the specific market(s) in which a company operates, we understand the aims and desires and appreciate any hurdles which may impact on the strategy we seek to devise and implement.

An on-going realationship enables us to tailor, and if necessary re-direct, this strategy as the company advances towards it's goal(s).

We belive that in working in this manner we can significantly enhance the value of the company by directing its resources appropriately, and ensuring that its assets are fully exploited to the benefit of the investors.

In the knowledge that we are helping to add value to the company we are willing to consider, under the right terms, a flexible renumeration package. Although we are willing to work on a fee basis, we will consider a mixture of fees and equity if this helps to preserve precious cash resource.